• Title has sensible defaults
  • Cater for user defined suffix
  • Cater for user defined prefix
  • Test name is converted to a sentence
  • Is a test is false for non test methods


  • Start run and end run are called
  • Start class and end class are called


  • Shows file chooser if browse is clicked
  • Exit jvm on close
  • Selected file is shown in text field
  • Selected directory is written to preferences
  • Selected file is not shown if user clicked cancel
  • Go button enable upon user file selection
  • Click go button runs it
  • Go button disabled if file does not exist
  • Entering path freehand enables go button and makes it default
  • Configured document generator is added to generators
  • Un configured document generator is not added to generators


  • Main parses this test
  • Main handles multiple document generators
  • Includes common test file name patterns
  • Ignore non test classes
  • Ignore set up method
  • Main shows usage if called with help parameter
  • If no arguments show gui
  • Specify text output file
  • Specify html output file


  • Shows heading for class
  • Unordered list for methods


  • Click save as sets file text
  • Label has helpful text
  • Save as has meaningful text
  • Html save as gui returns html doc generator
  • Text save as gui returns text generator